Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Glory Ashigaru Bowmen

Managed to finish these today. Here they are after a quick basic paint job over a black undercoat, and then given the Miniwax Tudor Stain "dip" - actually brushed on. There are five poses of six figures each; I really like the ones with the straw raincoats.
They've been sprayed with Krylon Matte, but they still have a little bit of sheen. Maybe it's because the stain wasn't completely dried.
This is how they looked with the basic colors before the stain. The armor lacing, straw raincoats and arrows were dry-brushed. I used an equal ratio of blue, red & green for the lacing. I also gave them leggings; basically just left that area primed black and gave it a bit of highlights. The bows were left black and only their bindings painted.
And stained - prior to a matte coating.
These are really nice figures and look great for the period. Now I feel confident in ordering the other OG Ashigaru packs; although the Arquebuses look a little short. I'm debating to have the Arbuebusiers in mixed order with Spearmen and Bowmen or kept as a separate unit.


  1. Good work sir, I really like them.

  2. Really effective painting Dean,
    A fine job.

  3. Thanks, Gents. I just ordered some ashigaru spearmen & arquebusiers. They should paint up pretty much the same. Regards, Dean

  4. Haven't been around for a while - no recent blogging - so I thought "I wonder what Dean's been up to lately?" and dropped in on your blog. As usual, you haven't disappointed - always something new and different. I know you've done pre-Meiji Japanese before but its always good to see more - the Ashigaru are looking particularly fine.


  5. Richard & Doc:

    Thanks for the kind words; BTW, after I finsh more Ashigaru, I plan to help my buddy paint up some of his Scheltrum Koreans - at least the basic troops in mostly white & black attire. Regards, Dean