Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relic's Pyrrhus - WIP

Mike Evans of Relic Miniatures drove down from Vancouver, B.C. to attend the NHMGS annual convention, Enfilade!, last weekend. The convention is has been held at the Red Lion hotel in Olympia, WA for the last few years. This was the 20th anniversary of the convention, and was quite a great convention as games and fun-factor goes. To top it off, Mike sat at our Magnesia game table on Sunday and before he left he gave us some free figures. Here is the new Pyrrhus figure he's sculpted. It is quite a masterpiece:
The multi-part kit is akin to 54mm models; he even sculpted separate pieces for the reins. The base for the horse is another work of art; it includes what appears to be articles from a fallen Roman. Boy, between the Roman guy in the Aventine elephant's trunk and these debris, the Romans don't seem to have any friends. Just kidding!
It's hard to make out in the photos (I'll take better ones once painted), but the head of Pyrrhus is probably the best likeness of that famous bust that I've seen in any scale. He even added Pyrrhus' wavy hair peaking out from the front of the helmet. Great work, Mike!
According to Mike, he used Ebob horse bodies, but sculpts his own heads for them. This figure is a true 28mm figure - it is not in the special "heroic" size like he did the Antiochus Megas figure.


  1. Dean,

    Get your Jewellers lenses ready. It took me 8-10 hours to assemble and paint my Pyrrhus.

    Relic Miniatures LTD

  2. 8-10 hours to assemble, good grief.

  3. No Sir. About 20 min to trim the parts, fit up and choose a direction for Pyrrhus to be looking. Then glue and file any mold lines and glued joints.

    The rest of the time was paint.

    A model with a pose like this cannot be cast in one piece.


  4. Angry: It only took a few minutes to remove the separate parts and then glue them together. Again, a very well-made model.

    Mike: Since the photos, I glued on the separate length of rein to horses neck; no problem reaching the hand.


  5. Hi Dean,

    this figure looks really fantastic.
    Looking forward to see the painted
    figure soon.


  6. Hmmmm...

    Dean must either be very busy with the family or really having fun with Pyrrhus....


  7. Nah...I'm just slacking...will get back to the Eagle King as soon as I finish up the Mycenaean terrain. Dean