Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dixon's Kuroda Nagamasa - WIP +1

This was a fairly simple paint job; still waiting for the OG horse to arrive which will be his mount.
This is one of those figures that you could say looks better in-person than in a photo. Okay, the Dixon Samurai range is justly known for its so-called "pumpkin heads." I even went so far to call them "gnome-like" in appearance on a TMP post a long time ago.
However, that all said and done, I am happy with this figure (no doubt getting it free adds to the charm). He will be fine leading some OG Ashigaru and Perry Samurai in the near future.

I had hoped to capture the dour look of Nagamasa as portrayed in this painting, but I think the helmet cords obscured the face a bit.


  1. This is a pretty cool figure, the head looks OK to me, the chin strap probably helped, he will look great mounted.

  2. Thanks, Dan. Dixon Samurai have an appeal unto themselves, for sure. I recall seeing a website with a bunch of their painted figures (can't recall which site) which really impressed me. It will be interesting to see how the few Dixon I have will compare on the table to Perrys (once I get some). Warm Regards, Dean

  3. Nice work Dean. I actually like the Dixon samurai range as they have those lovely faces and nothwithstanding the detail.

    Good work once again on this fine chap.



  4. Great Paintings and so Realistic!

  5. Looks very nice. Samurai are always fun to view.


  6. Well done. Excellent painting.

  7. Excellent work, as usual. As for the dour look of the figure in the painting, I'd have one to if I had to wear a snow shovel for a helmet.

    I'm not a real fan of the Dixon lines, but your figure does look superb.

  8. Thanks everyone for the positive comments on the Dixon figure.

    Miles: I had read that Sengoku period armor was very functional - possibly the helmet was used to clear a path for the warlord in heavy snow ;)! Dean

  9. Nice work Dean. You've done the original justice I think.
    He does look a proper old misery guts though doesn't he, life and soul of the party I'd say.