Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mycenaean Terrain - WIP +1

Slowly working on this piece as I'm still a little tired, or satisfied, from Enfilade! a couple of weekends ago. I finished another wall; the east wall. I think I'll leave off the north wall so the area can be accessible for gaming. I used a top of a plastic container for the hearth. The hearth at Pylos is 3 meters in diameter. This one is probably a little smaller, but close enough and I want to be able to move figures around the room. Here are a couple of pictures of the work so far - with a Redoubt figure for size comparison. Still need to paint the west wall with the entrance into the room - as well as the floor and hearth.
The frescoes are an amalgamation from several palaces. The one below - popularly believed to be the goddesses Hera and Athena is from Tiryns.
The next few are from Pylos (heavily restored); including a well-known artist's rendition:
The next image of running warriors is from Knossos on Crete; and again an artist's rendition of what the place there may have looked like.
The illustration below is really nice (in spite of the copyright cross-hatching).


  1. Your painting is seriously impressive. How long does it take to do a wall section?

  2. Thanks, Gents!

    Speedy: About an hour or so - mainly trying to get the colors right; as the outlines are for the images are already printed on the paper glued to the foamcare. It's just like painting a coloring book ;) The borders have been simplified and are painted more for effect than precision.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  3. Nice painting, Dean...pretty good color combinations

  4. Very cool terrain - nice combination ogpf computer graphics with hand painting

    Are those drawings available publicly?


  5. Miles: I downloaded the images from the web several years ago - I tried locating the page again, but can't recall where/who it was. If I find them again, I'll post the link. Dean

  6. Stunning work Dean.

    You would have had a job back then as a wall painter.

  7. Really cool technique and very effective, looking forward to some more.

  8. Really nice. Very inspirational for a dungeon RPG based on the Minotaur's maze

  9. That´s a lovely looking interior!!!

  10. I'm reading an interesting but wordy book about these places at the moment, your pictures have added a bit of colour to the experience. Nice and atmospheric.

    BTW, you're allowed to be both tired and satisfied!

  11. Dean, those are just amazing images. I'm hoping to see the finished product up close and personal.