Friday, June 24, 2011

Relic's Pyrrhus - Finished

ERRATA: Mike Evans of Relic sent me an email & said I have the reins incorrectly added. I will need to attach the reins to the horse bit and not wrapped around the neck as it is in the photos. Now that I look at it - I'm blushing with embarrassment - even if I didn't grow up around horses, how else could you steer the horse if only choking its neck?! Sorry Mike!
Here it is corrected (still need to fix the other side):

Still need to complete flocking the base, but figured this way the fine details on the base can be seen.
The Pyrrhus figure fits onto the horse without any problems or gaps. Mike changed this from his earlier Antiochus figure which had him molded onto a portion of the saddle. That model had a bit of a gap between rider and horse, but easily filled with putty.
A minute bit of Green Stuff was used to fill the area where the rein pieces joined. A little bit more work than what I normally would prefer, but worth the effort.
Hopefully, the bent pilum, broken arrows, helmet and other items can be seen. Mike Evans really went all out with this one. It is very much like a 54mm model in detals.
Anyway, I really like this model - it is one of the nicest I've seen in awhile. As for the man, I always recall this passage from Plutarch:
"One of them ran forth far in advance of the rest, a man who was huge in body and resplendent in armour, and in a bold voice challenged Pyrrhus to come out, if he were still alive. This angered Pyrrhus, and wheeling round in spite of his guards, he pushed his way through them — full of wrath, smeared with blood, and with a countenance terrible to look upon, and before the Barbarian could strike dealt him such a blow on his head with his sword that, what with the might of his arm and the excellent temper of his steel, it cleaved its way down through, so that at one instant the parts of the sundered body fell to either side. This checked the Barbarians from any further advance, for they were amazed and confounded at Pyrrhus, and thought him some superior being."


  1. What a great figure. You really do it justice too Dean. The leopardskin blanket turned out well and the rest of the figure looks super too--especially with all the fiddly bits.

  2. Great little series of posts Dean the figure and horse turned out superb, well done that man.


  3. Really good job, I particularly like the saddle.

  4. Excellent painting on a beautiful miniature!

  5. Great work. Painting is excellent.

  6. Thanks for the great comments, all. I appreciate it a lot. This is a really nice figure and will nice on the table if we ever get around to doing Asculum. Warm Regards, Dean

  7. Lovely work Dean.