Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mycenaean Terrain

With the new Labors of the Gods rule set, figured it was time to start on some Mycenaean terrain that has been on the back burner for awhile. First up is a set of walls based on the megaron at Pylos. Several years ago I found a set of line drawings of these walls on the internet and printed them out. The drawings were then scaled for 28mm and printed out; sitting in a folder until now. So far, only finished the main wall with the throne; actually a carved stone chair. This will be fashioned out of Green Stuff - I hope. Here's a photo of the finished wall with some Redoubt and Foundry figures. The colors look a bit too bright; I may muted it by adding "smoke" residue from the hearth that was in the center of the room.
The printed images of the line drawings were glued to foam core and cut out.
As you can see, I pretty much painted the drawings like a coloring book; trying to stay within the lines.


  1. Really effective - well done. Love to hear how these rules played out.


  2. Dean that looks awesome! Very similar to the reconstructed Throne Rome at the palace of Knossos in Crete.

  3. Fantastic looking walls, very colourful and perfect for the period.

  4. Thanks, Gents! The colors seem a bit too bright, but we'll see how it looks when the rest of the walls are added. Regards, Dean

  5. Looks great and I just might "steal" your idea from you!


  6. Ups, this is other level up in the wargame, incredible!!!

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    Joel Houston

  8. Hello Dean,
    your wall looks very good. Do you plan to build a Mycaean King Palace? I think the colours are quite well. The newest results in antic research shows that the antic colours were very bright and colourful. I have found this article in the internet
    With best regards

  9. Wolfgang: I've seen articles on the supposed colors used by the Greeks (Archaic & later?) - very gaudy to be sure. I wonder if the Mycenaeans were the same? Thanks for the link, Dean