Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dixon's Kuroda Nagamasa - WIP

This figure was given to me by Bob H. from Oregon several years ago, along with a bunch of other Dixon figures. I'm finally inspired to paint it up in anticipation of a Korean Invasion game that a few local gamers and I are working on. Nagamasa took part in the invasion and earned quite a few accolades there. He also participated in the Battle of Sekigahara, on the side of the Tokugawa. Initially a Christian, he later became a Buddhist on Tokugawa Ieyasu's orders.
The Dixon figure has Nagamsa wearing a helmet with a crest in the style called Ichi no Tani. The crest is representational of the sheer cliffs that the Minamoto warriors descended from at the Battle of Ichi no Tani. He is also known to have worn a helmet with large horns.
Brass rod was used for his yari; the spear head and counterweight is from a Dixon spear. I plan to replace his horse with one of the Old Glory ones that I just won off of ebay; they have the tassels associated with Samurai horses.


  1. Looking forward to the oriental look, if Pyrrus is anything to go by.

  2. What rules are you planning on using for your Korean invasion game?
    Scott A

  3. Hope to follow the look of that painting. He looks so battle-harderned. Dixon Samurai do have that "pumpkin-head" gnome look, but hopefully the helmet cords will disguise it a bit. Otherwise a solid-looking figure.

    Scott: I'm not sure, it'll be something Bruce M. comes up with - so should be pretty good and fast-playing - hopefully with his Turtle Ships too. Dean

  4. Looking forward to seeing where you take this as Samurai material is always fun.


  5. I'll follow your project too, since Samurai are always a treat to the eyes