Friday, December 3, 2010

Foundry Silver Shield - Crusader Shield Replacement

Just picked up the pack of Crusader Macedonian Shields which John up at The Panzer Depot was kind enough to add to his recent Old Glory order. Thanks to a tip from Allen Curtis on removing Foundry "bottle cap" shields he posted on Jeff Jonas' site, I took out my own trusty saw and started cutting off the "caps." The photo below shows the figure on the far left with the original cast-on shield; next a figure with the shield removed; and the last three with different variations of Crusader Macedonian shields attached. Note lopped off shields at the foot of the second figure from the left.
Here is what the replacement shields look like from the Crusader website:

Although much thinner than the Foundry shields, the Crusader ones are slightly larger in diameter - which IMO seems to make them even more intimidating. I will probably get some Gripping Beast figures to beef up this phalanx unit to 28 figures - like the other three phalanx units already in the army.

Speaking of needing more figures, after pointing up the Early-HRE WAB army in-the-making, it seems I will need approximately 38-40 more spearmen to make up the infantry percentages of a 2,000 point army. Another tip, this time from a fellow gamer here, Scott A. (who incidentally is also working on an HRE WAB army), I plan to order some Curteys figures. They look really nice, and the price is good - hopefully the shipping will be too.


  1. You are making me feel guilty about my own GB/Foundry Successor phalanx that is lurking part-painted in various boxes.

    What is a WAB HRE army?

  2. Simon:

    Sounds like you have another project to conquer - as you've done with your Romans.

    Oh, WAB - you know Warhammer Ancient Battles, and HRE - Holy Roman Empire. I'm going for an early clerical army - whatever that means historically. Per the Armies of Chivalry WAB supplement - this type of army gets to have light cavalry from the Hungarian list & a carrocio (Army Standard wagon) too. Regards, Dean

  3. Hi Dean, I decided to do a very big phalanx, and bit off more than I could chew. Will get back there next year.

    I see re HRE; a carrocio would be fun!

  4. I actually love the Foundry bottlecap shields for their phalangites. Foundry and Old Glory are the only figure makers (as far as I've experienced) that offer a peg-and-hole solution to attacking shields. They stay on better that way.

    I've got 24 of the Foundry silver shields cleaned and primed along with another 24 armored phalangites, 24 unarmored phalangites, and varous other bits of Macedonianoids.

  5. David:

    Actually, I'm happy with the other Foundry figures with their so-called (by some) "bottle caps." For some reason, this set (which I won off of ebay for a $1.00 a fig) had shields that seemed a bit warped. This, made me decide to try replacing them. Since, they'll be in their own unit - as elites - should look fine next to the others. Regards, Dean

  6. Nice.

    I hadn't seen those Curteys minis before, I may have to order some samples. I like the looks of their horses more than Gripping Beast. Although I just posted some pics of my converted Perry's on my blog, to give an idea of where I'm going.