Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Curteys Medieval Spearmen and Bowmen

Have arrived; 24 spearmen, to include command, and 8 bowmen. The spearmen will be in a mixed unit with some Old Glory crossbowmen. They compare very well in both size and sculpting style. Here is a comparison shot with the unpainted Curteys spearmen with previously painted Old Glory spearmen from their Mongols in Europe range.
The Curteys come with spears and various sized/shaped shields. I'm debating if I should replace the spears with wire rods like the Old Glory guys.

This next shot shows the Curteys bowmen with Old Glory Crossbowmen from the Hussite range.
The bowmen will be a separate group of skirmishers. I probably could've used some Crusader Norman archers I already have, but thought I'd have bowmen in the mixed spearmen unit. This changed after I placed the order when my buddy Scott offered up the Hussite crossbowmen to me. By the way, I just got an email update from Curteys today; they're going to raise their prices a bit come the new year.


  1. going to be a great looking force, looking forward to keeping an eye on them in the new year
    Peace James

  2. Are those Old Glory shields on the Old Glory models? I have the same troops but can't remember what shields they came with or what they're labeled to look it up on their website.

    The shields are are amazing, I wish I could abduct you, chain you up in my basement, and force you to paint all my shields.

  3. Appreciate the comments, Gents.


    Yes - those are the shields from the OG set; two types IIRC. The shield designs are basic geometric heraldry - penciled on the shield first, and then painted on. Not too hard - maybe a little time consuming, but not too bad. Try it! :)! Dean

  4. Very nice Dean,
    These are going to look really cool as an army.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas Dean,

    I mix curtneys, mirliton, old Glory and the new plastic fireforge together and they seem to work well IMHO.