Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings

Best wishes to all during this holiday season.
As my oldest boy was taking out the garbage this morning, he came back in with a Fed Ex package. I had won a replica Sugarloaf Great Helm off of ebay earlier in the week. Didn't even expect it in till sometime during the new year. It was listed for about $45 and included the option to place an offer. I offered $39 - which included free shipping (from California). I was surprised to get back the approved bid within minutes - I wondered if I should've went even lower with my bid - oh well. Anyway, I had to open the package and try it on.
A perfect fit! Okay, this is a posed shot; but the Gripping Beast figure has a Sugarloaf Great Helm on too!

In between being a Christmas Eve couch potato, I managed to cut up some Wargames Accessories metal stands in 20X20mm bases, and also snip up some brass rod for spears. I also hammered the points of the rods into spear tips. Both of these items are for the Curteys spearmen and Old Glory crossbowmen for the Early-HRE army.

Again, Happy Holidays and hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Now that's an OSHA approved safety device!

    Marry Christmas to you and your family


  2. Miles:

    Same to you and yours. Best wishes for the New Year too!

  3. Now everyones going to want a speicalised painting helmet like that one looks great, Have a great christmas.

  4. Galpy was right about everyone wanting to copy you and wear helmets while painting. I went farther and copied your whole post.

    That is hilarious, painting with a helmet on. I don't know why it makes me so happy.

  5. Very nice helm!

    Happy holidays...

  6. Geez, I dunno Dean I have a hard enough time seeing my figures very clearly these days.