Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chariot Wars - Mycenaean v. Mycenaean

Got in a nice Chariot Wars game today with my buddy Scott A. at The Game Matrix. I broke my Mycenaean army down into two fairly equal armies. One had more troops armed with javelins; the other more troops with thrusting spears - including a chariot squadron. This was done to see how the two types compared in battle. Here are the opposing armies - some skirmishers are further out on the flanks.
Here are a few shots of the game; however, as I played one side, I failed to capture all of the action. Also, apologies for the blurred and not so in-focus images.

Seeing how we used the older version of WAB (1.5) - as well as not having played Chariot Wars in a long time, we probably did some goofy things. Suffice to say, it is good to be armed with missile weapons in chariots (two shots per); particularly if you are a hero with re-rolls for hits and wounds! Another item that came up was how to randomize missile fire on chariot squadrons with runners attached. It's probably in the 2nd Ed. rules, but since we only had 1.5, we ended up rolling 1-3 for hits on chariots & 4-6 on runners - then worked out wounds from there. Oh, and I have to add that more often than not, I kept forgetting to use the archers in the thrusting spear infantry unit.

ADDENDUM: As this is a Chariot Wars posting, I'd be remiss if I didn't include better images of the actual chariots. They were played, but as the action got confused in whirling dust clouds and screams of horses, I failed to capture good photos during the game. So, here are some staged photos of the chariots - now one big happy equeta gang again.
I could use one more chariot (already have Dendra armored crew) to have two, eight-chariot squadrons; or  four, four-chariot squadrons for smaller games.


  1. I don't get any opportunities to wargame (although I am a minis fiend), but I love session summaries such as this. Love the photos!

  2. Thanks, Christian. I'm glad you like the pics from the game. It was a bit of fun. Hope to play another Chariot Wars game again soon. Regards, Dean

  3. Thanks for the photos, your figures look excellent and the game has got me inspired.
    Better do some painting while I have the time.

  4. Nice!Chariots Wars always looks great,because of........chariots!!:-)


  5. Looks like you guys had fun! Wish I could have been there!


  6. Looks like a great game, you've inspired my to start painting again!


  7. You never fail to inspire with something eclectic and different on the wargaming table Dean! Your minis and the chariots in particular are fantastic - thanks for another great post!


  8. Dean with WAB 2.0 out you need to sell or give away those chariots and start over. Do you have my mailing address? :-)
    James Mattes

  9. Thanks Gents. Yes, I do need to acquire a copy of WAB 2.0. We definitely had some headscratching moments which 2.0 may have taken care of. Regards, Dean

    P.S. James - if I were to send you the figures - they'd be in a large wooden horse :)!