Friday, December 10, 2010

Codex Manesse Knights - WIP + 4

Finished all of the knights for the Early-Holy Roman Empire army. Only the bishop/Army General needs to be completed - after some research. Here are the last three knights:
The figure in the center is a Mirliton model of Hartmann von Aue; the two on either side are Old Glory models with Mirliton helms. The helm on the left-hand figure is based on a helm belonging to Albert von Prankh of Styria. The figure on the far right is painted as Walter von Klingen.

The shields have paper designs from Mirliton. The bases still need flocking, of course. I hand-painted the barding - including those crazy-looking chicken heads.

Here is a picture of the Prankh helm preserved in a museum. It has a reinforced face plate, and was likely used for jousting.


  1. Great looking miniatures you have there. The army en mass will look fantastic.

  2. Thanks! It is slowly coming along - hopefully, it'll be a lot fast painting up the light cavalry guys. Regards, Dean

  3. Nicely done. This will be a good looking army. And part of the fun of doing an army like this is the research.

  4. Dean, you did a fantastic job on all your knights!


  5. Fantastic brushwork. Love the bird artwork.


  6. They're intimidating. I don't know I'd want line up across a table from that.

  7. Thank you all for the nice words.


    The eagle heads weren't as bad as I had expected - bit abstract, but does the trick at arms length.


    Wait until they're joined by the Army General - a bishop with mitre topped helm :)! Dean