Sunday, December 5, 2010

Codex Manesse Knights - WIP + 3

So I finally got off my duff and picked up a paint brush. Managed to finish the Walther von Metze figure. He'll be my other character for the early-HRE clerical army. I have an Old Glory guy with a mitre on top of his helm - he'll be the actual general. Anyway, I really like Metze's flamboyant wings on his helm. It reminds me of the helmet worn by Hagen von Tronje in Fritz Lang's Die Niebelungen.
Of course the base still needs flocking, but I'll wait until I finish the rest of the knights - mainly the barding for their horses. Here is a shot of this figure (along with the rest of the knights WIP) - showing how the lines for the checkered patterned was sketched. Note that the shine on the figures is a coat of Krylon gloss to protect the barding while the pattern is worked. Also, the knights themselves will receive some Vallejo matte on the appropriate parts. I like my metal armor shiny.
Here are the rest of the horses needing detail to their barding, along with another figure that I finished earlier. As his mount has mail barding it was a lot quicker to paint. Also, the shield is a paper design from Mirliton.


  1. these are amazing great detail and colour. I love your work

  2. These are looking fantastic, cant wait to see the final units. Actually how many units are you working on?

  3. Thanks for the kind comments, Gentlemen.


    Only one unit of Reiter/Knights since they are so expensive. 10 Reiter with two characters attached. Also, the army will have a 10 man unit of Hungarian light cav - also expensive, as they are rated as expert horsemen, with feigned flight & Parthian shot capabilities. Should be a pretty powerful cav force for a 2K pointed WAB army.

    Still don't know how well having an Army Standard wagon (tabor wagon) will be.

    Regards, Dean

  4. Awesome! (again)
    Can´t wait to see one unit of this guys.

  5. Nicely done. Looks like your definitely making progress.

  6. Thanks you Gents. Man, I should've read the WAB AoC errata again - I see that HRE armies can have up to 50% cav now. I just ordered some nice Curteys infantry, thinking I needed more infantry - oh well, they'll look nice and can probably work in my HYW French army too. Dean

  7. Nice work! Quite colourful

  8. Nice work Dean - Rieter or Gendarmes are fun to paint and look very impressive on the table.