Saturday, November 27, 2010

Codex Manesse Knights - WIP + 2+

Finished half of the unit of knights for the early-HRE army. The figures are from Old Glory, Battle Honors and Mirliton. All but the one of the helms are from Mirliton. The helm with the horns quartered in or (gold/yellow) and gules (red) is an Old Glory piece.
In the image below the two figures on each end are from Mirliton; the one in the center is a Battle Honors figure with Old Glory helm and horse. Otto Von Brandenburg's shield has a paper image from Mirliton glued on - and weathered a bit.
The next image are all Old Glory figures and horses - however the two great helms are from Mirliton; as well as the paper shield image glued onto the rider on the right.
All of the heraldry - or at least the patterns - are from the Codex Manesse.
Here are most of the remaining knights for the unit. I'm debating on using an Old Glory figure with a mitre cap too; as I plan on going with an Early Clerical army - since this will allow me to use light cavalry from the Hungarian list. NOTE: I was informed by a comment posted here that the figure on the far-right is not Battle Honors, but actually Gripping Beast. It was sold in a Battle Honors blister at my local gaming store - probably very old stock.


  1. You do museum-quality work!

    I can't wait to see these figures on a game table. (Preferably on the same side as me!).


  2. Oh Yes,very,very cool and nice painting!


  3. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate all of your kind comments. Hope to have the remainder done soon. Regards, Dean

  4. These are really, really lovely,

  5. Ditto all the above. Beautiful looking models, fantastic painting.


  6. Fantastic the variations