Sunday, November 14, 2010

Codex Manesse Knights by Mirliton - WIP +1

Finished Otto Von Brandenburg's horse. His was a little more work, as his coat of arms is an eagle - which was reproduced eight times on the horse's barding.

As with Ulrich Von Lichtenstein's horse, the basic color of the barding was painted and shaded then given a spray coat to protect it while the coat of arms were worked onto it. The escutcheons (shields) were drawn on and then painted white (argent). Next, the basic outline of the eagle was painted with reddish brown. A sample sheet with coats of arms was used as a guide.

The eagles were then "fleshed out" a bit with the darker red as a base.
Finally, a lighter red was painted in the outline. Yellow (or) spines were also painted within the wings. Forgot that the eagles should be facing forwards - corrected after seeing this picture.

Here are the horses for Von Brandenburg and Von Lichtenstein. The knights themselves are next to be painted.


  1. Very nicely done. Lovely work.



  2. Thanks! I appreciate your comments. I've been in a bit of a painting slump and this was just what I needed to get back into it. Regards, Dean

  3. Your welcome Dean.

    I like your approach to the housing an I'll use your work as an example when I tackle mine at some point.

    I'm always under the weather so any painting is a bonus.

    Thanks again,


  4. Your hand-painted coats of arms look fabulous - really amazing work. I think this is you most impressive work to date


  5. Beautiful painting, looking forward to seeing the knights.


  6. You are a master indeed Dean. Beautiful.