Saturday, November 6, 2010

Museum of Flight Game Day - November 6, 2010

I was fortunate enough to attend another Museum of Flight Game Day. As always it was held under the expanse of an SR-71 Blackbird.
There was quite a good turn out and I was lucky to get into the Gran Sasso Raid game that Bruce M. and Mike K. ran. Granted the actual hotel that Il Duce was held captive in was red, but the feel was right.
Besides the group of Italians who held Il Duce in the hotel there were several other Italian units outside. The scenario is a variation using US troops coming on the table on card activation. The US troops were acting independently of the Italians. That is the Italians had to contend with not only the Germans, but also US troops. The Mussolini figure was sculpted by Mike K. and very accurately depicts him as he was when he was held captive at the Gran Sasso.
The game ended with Il Duce about to be captured by the US forces. Both the Italian and Germans were decimated by that time, and the US with overwhelming forces remaining.

Here are a some of the other games held in the first period. I played in Dale's Tobruk game in the second period, but failed to take photos.

I snapped a few photos of the aircraft and displays in the museum, but some of the rooms are kept very dark, so the images aren't very good.

ADDENDUM: I lifted a couple of photos of the Tobruk game from Dale Mickel's site:
I really need to play more larger-scale games - particularly those with off board artillery and air support.

Another nice day spent with the good gamers of NHMGS.

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  1. Sorry I missed this event! From Kevin's post on the NHMGS' Yahoo page, it sounds like everyone had fun!