Saturday, November 20, 2010

Old Glory & Battle Honors 13th C. Knights

I managed to remove the capes from several of the Old Glory Teutonic Knights, and one of the Battle Honors Knights. The method of removal is not something I would recommend to anyone - unless one were trying to win a Darwin Award. I first used nail clippers to remove the larger parts of the capes. Next, I got this "brilliant" idea to use a soldering iron to melt off parts of the remaining cape. It actually worked and I managed not to drop molten lead on myself or the carpet. Well, I did melt off a leg from one figure - he's now in lead heaven. Finally, I used a Dremel with a tip normally used to sharpen steel blades. This was used to smooth out most of the remaining areas. Green Stuff was used to construct simple, if not crude, rear portions of the saddles. Here they are with their shields attached - I'm waiting for some helmets that I ordered from Mirliton. The center figure in the bottom row is a Battle Honors figure.

The next photo shows them with an Old Glory Teutonic Knight with his cape still on.
Besides the musician, these are the remaining Old Glory and Battle Honors figures that I won't do any modifications to due to either their capes (OG) or sleeved surcoats (Battle Honors) making it next to impossible to remove.


  1. Nice work! I avoided the whole cape problem by getting the Old Glory German Knights pack from the Mongols range. I'm a bit behind you though as I am fitting my first twelve to their horses... not easy as the horses are thin, they fit on Gripping Beast horses better.

  2. Thanks, Scott. I would've definitely gone with another set of figures if I knew I'd be going without the capes. Only my extreme frugality made me go this route. Totally agree about the rider-horse fit - I might add some Green Stuff to the area. Keep working on your army - I'm looking forward to a clash! Regards, Dean

  3. That crazy to removed those capes with soldering iron. You should have had a bit on your hands! That would have really hurt!

    Nevertheless a great conversion you've made!


  4. Yes; crazier the more I reflect on it. Never again! Thanks, Dean