Monday, November 1, 2010

DFS 230 Glider and a Gran Sasso Raider

This is a resin model that I put together awhile ago, but decided to weather it a bit; it was also an incentive to paint a lone "spare" Fallshirmjaeger as he'd look in Africa or Italy.
The glider kit, which I won off of ebay, is made by a German company called Karo-As Modellbau. It is 1:48 scale according to the box. Simple to put together and came with several versions of decal markings - except for the swastika which is illegal in Germany, I think. I got that decal from another source.
I refinished the cockpit glass which got "foggy" from the super glue. Thanks to the internet, I found out that this is a common problem with modelers and the solution was to carefully remove it and apply Future floor wax to it. This solved the problem and I re-glued it back on.
The figure is another Victory Force Miniatures model with Green Stuff added to the lower parts of the trouser legs to better simulate the bagginess of this type of tropical issue. You may notice a replica Luftwaffe Fallshirmjaeger badge to the rear of the figure.
A couple more views of the same figure; as I like how he ended up. I plan to order more and paint them up with the same type of gear - for Africa/Italy; or possibly a Gran Sasso scenario. Interestingly enough, I hope to get in on a game with the very scenario this Saturday at a game day held at the Museum of Flight up at Boeing Field.
The photo above shows how cramped it was in the glider. Supposedly it held 9 fully armed Fallshirmjaeger in addition to the pilot.


  1. Very nice. Your camo work is excellent!

  2. The camo is stunning well done also love the glider

  3. Excellent work on the Fallschirmjager. Looking at those troops packed into the glider, I wont be so critical the next time I fly economy.

  4. Yup - your camo rocks. Cool glider too.

  5. Wow! Hey were the guys painted in this like an ss or a special forces unit?


  6. Thanks for all the great comments.

    Packed in the glider like that, I'm sure they couldn't wait to get out and see some action.


    From what I know of the Gran Sasso operation, there was a core of Fallshirmjaeger (specially trained I'm sure) and additional SS that Skorzeny brought along with him. Skorzeny and the SS guys received most of the immediate limelight after the successful "rescue" of Mussolini. Luftwaffe General Student was in overall command of the operation. Dean

  7. Wow, great work Dean!

    Maybe sometime you can put a little tutorial on your blog showing how you do that.

    Airborne forces are a weakness of mine, and I'd love to steal - um - COPY your painting technique!


  8. Stunning cammo work. Agree with Greg, spend sometime in a cammo-painting teach-in, please

  9. Hi Dean - just got some Artizan Fallschirmjager myself. I had the idea of having enough for a skirmish game for Crete (once my Aussies have disposed of the Japanese at Kokoda that is!) - I love your figures and the finish you've got. That the green splinter camos from '42 onward? Gliders and or transport planes @ 1/48th are also a bit rare - yours is a rare and real beauty. Lovely job on it too - good tip about how to remove Superglue 'fogging' - its the reason I use Revell glue exclusively on plastics after a few messy mistakes!

    Great stuff again Dean.


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