Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day AWI Game @ The Game Matrix - 2010

Had a great time today at The Game Matrix in Tacoma. Bruce Meyer and Kevin Smyth hosted a very enjoyable AWI game using their own rules and superb figures. There were a lot of figures on the table, but only a fraction of the AWI figures that they both have. The game was built around the Battle of Monmouth and played out pretty close to the historical results.

Here are some shots of the game and excellent figures painted by Bruce and Kevin.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the game - in which I played the British right for most of the game, until relieved of half of my forces by a more aggressive commander.


  1. Nice hectic looking game.


  2. Frank:

    There were 7 players - 3 Rebels, 4 (one late-comer) British. It played more like two separate battles - divided by the building. If we kept playing, depending on how the flanks ended up, the remnants would've moved towards the center of the battlefield. It was really was an infantry slug-match. Made me really think of Napoleonic use of cavalry! Dean

  3. I've been busy at work, so I'm now catching up on your posts. Looks like it was a great game!