Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to Paint 42nd Highlander Kilts - Pt. 1

Finished the basic tartan pattern - this would be the "Government" or "Military" pattern without any of the individual stripes unique to each Highland regiment.

First, the kilts were painted a dark blue for a base:
Second, dark green stripes were added; Three vertical:
And two horizontal:
Light green squares were then added to where the dark green stripes crossed. A lighter blue was also added in the dark blue squares - just to lighten it up a bit:
Next, I'll have to get up the courage to add the pin-stripes between the squares. A minimalist (aka less is more) approach will be taken. That is, for the 79th's Cameron pattern, only one red stripe will be painted instead of the normal two, side-by-side. And instead of a yellow stripe within the two red stripes (since there will only be one) - the yellow stripe will be in the alternating squares. That's the plan anyway. Enough for now - taking a break on this and will rest up before I do the next step.

This is the actual pattern used by the 79th Cameron Highlanders. It incorporates elements of the Macdonald and Cameron Clans.
This is how I hope to simplify it - only one red stripe through the green squares and one yellow through the blue squares. I beg forgiveness for this transgression from the clans, and my intent is not to dishonor them.


  1. Can't wait to see how these guys turn out, looking fantastic so far and you're a braver man then me to be painting tartan!

  2. I appreciate all of your comments and take them as encouragement.

    Also, as I'm looking at the basic pattern, it's making me consider finishing them up as 42nd - only black lines for the center guys and red for grenadiers (up to 1812). Would have to redo the musicians, but that wouldn't be too bad.

    Regards, Dean

  3. Great work, tou are a dedicated painter. Your tartan is very efective.