Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to Make Aventine Elephants Stick to Bases

Here's the elephant and tower; still need to do up the crew, but that will be another day. Here's what it looks likes with the tower off.
You'll note the little "lift-kits" under the elephant's feet; this is a tip I picked up from Jeff Jonas' excellent site - Ancient Battles. The lifters will assist when flocking the bases, as well as providing a more secure contact with the base. As Jeff recommended, I used fast-setting epoxy for these - as the model is quite heavy and wouldn't want it breaking off the base.

Here's another shot with the tower mounted. He (or she?) will be mounted on a Litko base - leftover from a Chariot Wars army. I'll probably start on the other Aventine elephant (a fully-armored one) next; before completing the crew - want to keep the momentum going.


  1. Thank you kindly, Gentlemen. The fully-armored one is next, but I have to rig something so I can paint it. One of his front legs up in the air and most of the weight forward; won't stand on it's own. Regards, Dean

  2. Great painting!! What is the size of the Litco base?


  3. Andres:

    The Likto bases are the plywood 50 X 80mm (3mm thick IIRC) ones - I used the same ones for some Redoubt, Foundry & OG Trojan War chariots. I'm also going to add magnetic sheeting under these elie bases so they won't topple over during transport. Regards, Dean

  4. Dean,
    How did you do this sooo quick. I swear you posting you had just got the kit about a week ago!
    It would take me a month to do what you have done so far. No wonder I have not seen you on TMP as much of late. Great Job and fantastic tip on mounting the figure. I had missed that on Jeff's site.
    James Mattes

  5. Phew; lovely work! I shall have to nick the border on the cloth when I do my own.

  6. ps when I painted my Empire nellies, I drilled pins into the feet and used these to secure the elephant to the temporary painting block, and later to the base.

  7. Thank you all for your comments; it encourages me to start on the Seleucid guy. Dean

    P.S. James - I only lurk on TMP for the Nap Polls ;)!

  8. Just caught this - he looks amazing, can't wait to see the next one - have you a front on piccie?

  9. The border and shading on the blanket are unbelievably good. They really make the model stand out. Awesome work.