Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aventine Elie Project +2

Painted the head armor & tusks; as well as the securing ropes for the howdah. Also touched up the elie's hide just a bit. Added some Vallejo Red & White to the Ceramcoat Mudstone and dry brushed the edges of the ears and front of the trunk - as well as small patches around the body. A final very light dry brushing of Ceramcoat Mudstone was applied overall. This should be it for the skin; it is neither too dark nor too light, and a good contrast to the bronze head armor.
The photo below is using mostly sunlight to better show the skin tone and the bronze coloring. It's probably hard to tell in the photo, but the scale armor is painted in alternating bronze and copper.
Next, the blanket will be painted blue with, hopefully, a white spiral wave border. After that the elephant should be done and the tower and crew can be painted.


  1. Looking rather nice Dean. If I had a banana, I think he would eat it.
    Cheers Paul

  2. Seeing how this elie is so much larger than the Magister Militum one, I've started on the other Aventine elie I have. Although it is a later Seleucid fully-armored type, I'll probably still use it for a game next month with a Pyrrhic army. It's just too impressive not to use. Dean

  3. Very nice work. I'm not an ancient gamer but I appreciate a well painted elephant when I see one!

  4. That's looking very nice! I have a couple of those to paint.

  5. Very nice indeed, I love your attention to detail on the ears and skin.