Saturday, June 5, 2010

Victrix Highlanders - WIP + 2

I'm taking my time with these; not actual  brush time, but total time to complete them. That is, I'm only working on them when I feel like it. Painting should be fun, right?  The flesh was given a wash of Vallejo reddish brown ink mixed with a little black ink. This time it came out pretty good the first try. I didn't have to highlight the flesh much - only some knee caps and a few noses; and even those really were fine for the gaming table. Also painted the white base for the bonnet band , and dry-brushed the ostrich feathers.
I next have to work up the courage to add the red dicing on the bonnet bands. Hope I don't mess it up too bad. My intent is not to spend too much time and effort on the bonnet, stocking and tartan patterns. It would take forever to get them all exactly right - if it were even possible. I've decided that these will be painted for effect as opposed to accuracy.


  1. Tempting... so bloody tempting.

    Great start on them.

  2. Dean, I haven't painted highlanders in some time, but they will fine. Have you decided on a unit yet? Black Watch aren't too bad and Gordon's add a little bit of color. Cameron's are much trickier. Good luck, I can't wait to see the pics.

  3. Thanks Gents.


    I'm planning on the 79th - by tricky, you must mean the red & yellow overstripes on the tartans. I'm going to try a "simplified" manner for these. Hopefully it'll do the trick. I would also like to do the 42nd & 92nd, but I might be burnt out after these :)! Thanks again, Dean