Monday, June 14, 2010

Aventine Elephants

I received my order of Aventine elephants today. I ordered one unarmored one and one fully-armored one. The unarmored one is intended to supplement the Magister Militum one I already have, for my Pyrrhic army. I actually ordered a head with an armor plate for this one too - thinking I could also use it in a later-Successor army. The fully armored one is for a yet-to-be-built Seleucid army.

Here are the parts for the two elephants; unfortunately, the two-man tower is missing, but I already sent Keith at Aventine an email - I'm sure he'll send it out soon.
As you can see, there are a lot a optional parts - two types of tusks, and the trunk with the Roman (which was a surprise freebie - thank you, Keith!). My wife suggested I devise a way to swap out the trunks and the two heads for the unarmored elie. I think with rods or dowels, this may be do-able.

Here are the finely-sculpted crews - I ordered two sets, but Keith added another set in, again free of charge. I might be off on which figures are in which sets - but, one set was a three-man (two-man tower) crew, and the other two are four-man crews (three-man tower).
Here are the Romans sent as free samples - they are very, very nice!
This next picture shows the great size disparity between the Aventine elephant and my first elephant from Magister Militum. I knew the MM one was small after seeing it next to my buddy's Crusader Carthaginian elies awhile back. That's fine though - the MM elie has faithfully served my Pyrrhic army several times in the past.
And finally, a Foundry figure next to some of the Aventine guys - they're pretty compatible, although the Roman Centurion is rather large; Good for a command figure.


  1. It is true, Aventine make great miniatures. I have one Pirric Elephant over the table and some triarii and they are fantastic. I like heavy metal elephants.

    I´m sure you are going to make a great painting work with them.

  2. I've got 3 of these beauties sitting on my desk, just waiting for some paint. I hope to make some custom howdahs to better represent 18th century Indian ones. They are impressively heavy and look very intimidating. IMO the best elephants out there.

  3. Keith is super to work with too. He already emailed me and is sending the missing tower. I told him it was probably due to him adding in all those samples and extras - the shipping envelope was totally filled with lead!