Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fender Washer Bases on Magnetic Stands

Originally, the Victrix Highlanders were going to be based four to a stand of either 40mm X 40mm or 45mm X 45mm. After thinking it over, I decided to base them individually on metal washers like the rest of the Victrix and Perrys I already have. There are only 36 of them and I still had over 100 fender washers, so it was no big deal. The washers themselves are 3/4" in diameter - which is approximately 20mm.

Here are the basic components for the basing - metal washers, plasticard cut square to fit four washers, and magnetic sheeting on top of it:
The washers are from Fastenal, a vendor that sells bags with 100 washers for about $6.00 a bag. The plasticard was from my local hobby shop, and the magnetic sheets from JoAnns. The figures would have normally been based on the washers first, prior to priming and painting; but since I thought they'd go on multi-figure stands after painting they went on popsicle sticks for painting first. This actually may have been a good thing, as the washers masked the area they go on the bases when sprayed the base coat of tan.
Should be more magnetic attraction than if it the magnetic sheet was painted over - as the earlier ones were - see the photo below with the figure removed from the base:
Next, the stands will get some static grass to the areas around the washers. The washers will be flocked after the painted figures are attached to them.

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  1. I have a massive collection of spare washers from all my DIY jobs, It amazing what can build up in my tool box.