Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perry Mounted Samurai - WIP +1

Samurai are done - just need to paint their horses. Two of these guys will be lords and one, probably the guy with the skull sashimono, will be the army general.
Due to heavy snow, work was cancelled so I got to stay at home today. In between shoveling snow out of the driveway, I managed to paint up these nice Perry figures. Oh, and I even got to do some winter warfare training with the indigenous population in my back yard.
They're pretty fit and have keen sense of smell, but they have a limited attention span.

Addendum: General's horse painted:


  1. Awesome work, both sashimonos and armors. Waiting for that horses!

  2. fantastic work on these samurai! particularly the sashimono!
    Great work!

  3. Great outdoor shot, love the dogs and great samurai....

  4. Painting dogs well is a difficult skill, and you certainly have mastered it Dean.

    No school in Puyallup today Dean. Are they making you drive in to Olympia?

  5. Thanks, Gents, for the comments.

    Kevin: I just found out we have 9:00am work call - I'll probably go in once the roads melt off the layer of ice. Dean

  6. The oracles see best painted army at Enfilade in your future.

  7. Figures are great Dean!
    mall snow flurry here in Bonnie Scotland that came to nothing so still had to work today.
    I won't show my kids the dogs or I will never hear the end of it till we have one!!!!!!

  8. Cool stuff.

    Sounds like you sent that snow my way. Predicting it will be my turn to shovel today and tomorrow. :)