Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Front Rank General Rowland Hill - WIP

This is the third Front Rank character I recently ordered. Another fine figure with cleanly sculpted details. General Hill was one of the best commanders that served under Wellington. In fact, he was one of the few commanders that Wellington could rely on for independent operations. Besides distinguished service in the Peninsular, he led a charge against the Imperial Guard at Waterloo. He survived the war and went on to become CINC of the Forces from 1828-39.
He will be the overall British commander for Black Powder games.


  1. great paint job wonder if General Larrey (Napoleons physician would turn out the same way

  2. Awesome work on this one Dean.

  3. Wasn't he the founder of The Post Office as well?


  4. Thanks for the great comments on this nice figure.

    Tony: I thought so too, but I believe it was another Rowland Hill who was the Post Master - a little later than this one.

    Best, Dean