Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black Powder Playtest Set-up

I'm calling this one "Something like Salamanca" as it's based very loosely on that battle, on a much smaller scale of course. Instead of divisions, there will only be several brigades per side and concentrating on the western and center portion of the battle. I ended up using a smaller table at one end (the western side) to increase the length of the battlefield. As Gunny Highway would whisper in a scratchy voice, "You improvise, adapt and overcome." This playtest is for a game at Enfilade! in May - which will have a 12 X 5' table. The playtest is scheduled for next Saturday with a few of the Puyallup Wargamers.
Here is the French brigade that is duplicating Thomieres' doomed division moving in column to the west, oblivious to the British infantry already formed in line to shoot them to pieces; with a light cavalry unit to swoop in on any survivors. Or maybe the French player can pull off a good defense - we shall see.

British center - also with infantry in line formation with a Horse Artillery and a Small unit of Rifles.

French brigade in the center consisting of two infantry battalions and a unit of light cavalry which will come on the second turn. Note that one of the infantry battalions is in mixed formation with skirmishing Voltigeurs out front (see pages 78-89 of the Advanced Rules LOL!).
Here we find another British brigade coming out of the village of Los Arapiles; the overall British commander is also nearby.
The easternmost French brigade which will have its unit of heavy cavalry and artillery battery move on in the second turn. The overall French commander is also on this end of the battlefield.

 Another view of the battlefield; this time from the west.
I may put some blocking-LOS terrain in the center of the battlefield. We'll see what my fellow gamers say next weekend. Looking at the cloth, it appears pretty sorry. I am currently researching for a good (price/looks) replacement. I like the stuff Terrain Guy has, but not sure if I want to spend that much. On the other hand, I've probably already spent half the price of a good mat on several not so great (for gaming) fabric from JoAnn's. Maybe I should cut my losses and just spend the money on something decent.


  1. Very nice indeed Dean, its good to see all that hard work coming together.
    Regards HGA.

  2. Thanks, HGA. I need to get a bigger table cloth - maybe I'll have to invest in one of those true gamer products. I noticed the Litko wooden bases tend to catch on this cloth (from Jo-Ann's) - I would like to be able to push/slide the bases if possible. Best, Dean

  3. Painting up the force really is just the foreplay! It's the games that add a story to it.

    Dito about the table-cloth. You might want to think about those fancy yet rather cheap pvc-layers. I sadly couldn't find an english-language link, but the thread is really worth having a look at.

  4. Thanks for the link Schumpfkopf - interesting table mat. Best, Dean

  5. Really nice layout and all those glorious minis. Have fun!!


  6. Ooo, that look like a lot of fun!!

  7. Not only great miniatures, but very atmospheric terrain boards. Great work, Dean.

    Black Powder really is a fun set of rules!

  8. Hey we make do with what we can played on a painted sheet this weekend at Seige of Augusta in Georgia - with the added terrain no body really noticed. Pics will be on my blog soon.