Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drumbeat V - 1/7/12

Attended Drumbeat V up in Lake City, WA (just North of Seattle) today. I mainly wanted to get in a Black Powder game hosted by John Kennedy of The Panzer Depot.  Luckily I did just that; John let me run a brigade of the Austrian left flank. It was a river crossing scenario, with an allied French-Bavarian army vs. Austrians. There was a lot of hand-to-hand combat going on all over the table. The Austrians eventually losing the battle. The figures were either John's or the other Panzer Depot regulars.
There was another Black Powder game in the afternoon using the Last Argument of Kings supplement. Dick Larsen, who hosts Drumbeat, ran the game. I sat this one out as I left before the second period would end.
Other games from the morning period included Kevin S. and Dave Shoe's ACW naval game. Looked like a lot of fun as their games always are.
Wes Rogers ran another one of his Seven Years War games - always with really nice (and plenty of) figures.
I think this one is a Force on Force game - it was listed as an afternoon event, but maybe there was a free table so they ran it in the morning too.
There were more than enough games for both periods; there were a couple of TSATF games, and DBA players made a good showing; Mitch B. hosted a big Tactica game. This was my first time at the new location in Lake City, and most of us walked over to Dick's Drive In to grab some burgers and greasy fries for lunch. Another fine game day with great games and good people. It was good fix, as I'd not gamed for awhile, and I got to play another Black Powder game to boot.
ADDENDUM: My oldest boy (12th grader) just got home from his first day with the Washington State Air Guard. He'll go to basic training after graduation in the summer. After talking to him about his day, he said I had a package in the mail - it was the Front Rank figures I just ordered last week through Triangle Miniatures. Super fast shipping and just in time to get them painted up for a Black Powder game later this month. I needed a few more commanders; they are General Charles, comte Lefèbvre-Desnoëttes, General Rowland Hill, and a Cuirassier General. They look excellent! Note the Cuirassier guy has his saddle molded onto his body, and the other two don't. The catalog does tell you which horses to order with which figure - so make sure you follow the instructions.
Now the Perry French Dragoons have to go on the back burner once again. And I actually started on them last night. Poor guys.


  1. Nice pics Dean, thanks for sharing.

    Any idea what minis the Bavarians were? or What rules the SYW game used?

    I'd love to finally get a game of BP in. Someday...


  2. I think the Bavarians were OG 2nd Edition.

    It is listed on PEL as Musket and Saber. I'm not familiar with them; but Wess uses his own rules a lot of times. Some of them are on his webstite

    Thanks again, Dean

  3. Sounds like it was a lot of fun, Dean.

  4. Niice run down of what sounds to have been a busy day. bet you would have liked more time?
    Nice tip on the command figs. Look forward to seeing them finished!

  5. Excellentlooking game- dont suppose you know who has the order of battle and more pics do you. Played Black Powder in Scotland - They are kind of quirky but I am making a few amendments for my local group - I see 2 gun Austrian Batteries - How do you like the rules. I have copies of Wes robers AWI rules but may use Black Powder now foe AWI instead. Most of my Napoleonics are mounted for CLS or Empire and the AWI are basically 3 men to a stand - But Black Powders easy basing (not important) system allows you to use any kind of basing makes playing with whatever figures you have extremely easy

  6. VFW:

    You could contact John Kennedy at the linked Panzer Depot site. He was the GM. As far as BP basing, I totally agree, In fact, there were some Austrians based 3 and also 4 per stand. I use the suggested convention of 4 figs per 40mm square. Best, Dean

  7. Hi Dean, I was at Drumbeat and played in the Black Powder game you were in. I was in the middle with two units and the overall commander. Any way just ran across your blog, love the painting and I would love to get some tips as I want to get back into painting.

  8. Duane:

    You're too kind; that said if I can be of any help - I'm down here in Puyallup and sometimes game at The Game Matrix in Tacoma. I'll also be up at Enfilade! in May - all three days. I'll be sure to look for you if you attend. Thanks again, Dean

    P.S. That was a great BP game you guys ran - I got the feeling you guys are all old hands. I'm really like the rules too.