Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Got My Copy of WAB 2.0!

Thanks to ebay, I managed to pick up a pristine copy of WAB 2nd Edition for half-price. I was the only bidder and it sold for only $29.99 plus media mail cheap US shipping! I guess I have to thank the WAB-haters for this. I now have some reading up to do before next month's game at Enfilade! I recall my buddy Adrian receiving his copy the same time last year - right before the convention. We ended up going with 1.5 rules since we never had the chance to really read up the changes. This year we will definitely use the changes & updates in the newer version. Here's a picture of the book just to prove I do in fact have it.
I also added a musician and standard bearer for the Gallic Warband. These are Gripping Beast figures that I bought from my FLGS last Saturday when I was there for the Battle of Soor game with Wes Rogers. These figures are nice and match the OG guys very well. With these two and the full bag of 30 OG figures, the unit is now up to a 32-man Warband. I also made a new movement tray for them.
Here are some close-ups of the two new guys with their very nicely-sculpted horn and boar standard.
Finally, here are the Copplestone Germans that I won off of ebay last week. I ended up cutting off the remnants of their broken bayonets with a pair of nail clippers. The two of the guys laying down need to have a hole drilled into their rifle ends to add pins. They are missing part of their gun barrels. I will also add some Green Stuff for the sights. I need to get a pin vice drill bit first though. All my smaller bits are broken.


  1. Those 2 extra figures really blend in well, nice work on them and the movement tray.

  2. You will regret buying WAB 2.0... The mess the new guys have made out of the system and the 11+ pages of errata published a few weeks later after the release was the last drop before getting fed-up with this rules set. I have abandoned any hope that the system will be kept alive and now I'm looking for options. Clash of Empires looks like a neat edition of the WAB system including a new command system; I'm also waiting reviews of the incoming War & Conquest, produced by some ex-WAB guys. Having said that, good purchase, I invested over US$ 50 including mail to Spain

  3. I've heard very bad things about WAB 2.0, which disappoints me greatly, as it was going to be my 'in' into historical. I'd be very interested in your review of the system when you've played a few games.

  4. WAB2 is still WAB and you will have good time playing the game and it was worth buying. If GW/FW had supported the game then the errata issues would have been overlooked and this is truly where the problem stems from.
    Good thing is two new systems Clash of Empires(already released) and War and Conquest(coming this summer) are picking up where GW/FW has dropped the ball.
    With no re-basing required I expect gaming to played with all three systems giving players a wide spectrum to choose from. I see players playing different periods on different systems that will fit best with it.
    Very nice looking unit btw.


  5. Thanks, Gents.

    Anibal: After a year of waiting (& reading all of the comments - mostly negative) I knew what to expect, but just couldn't pass up the chance to pick it up for the price. So far, it's a nice read with lots of nice pictures.

    I must say that Rick Priestley's forward comment about the dawning of another golden era is somewhat prophetic, if not entirely what he meant. That is to say it's ushered in a new era of other rulesets! :)!

    Cheers All, Dean

  6. Yep lots of WAB haters, lots of GW bashing, but I most certainly am not one of those when it comes to WAB...Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition is a different story. I know you Mr. Saturday like Fantasy, so I'm not sure what you have heard that disappoints you.

    I love the WAB game, it is lots of fun, and I think if you like the general Warhammer game system you will enjoy it. Not a lot different, but there are some tweaks. Having played Warhammer Fantasy for years, WAB 1.5 and 2.0 was a smooth transition for me, and I seriously wished that 8th Edition Fantasy would have been more like WAB. And Adepticon's WAB 2 tourney ran very smoothly and was lots of fun.

    I recently looked a Hail Caesar at Adepticon, my first impression was I hate it.

    But enough of that...those miniatures are top notch, love the looks of those barbarians. Well done as usual.

  7. Hi Dean - i agree its a huge pity about WAB as fundamentally its a good system. Its a good-looking book too with great graphics & eye-candy, well set out etc etc. Not supporting it is a huge waste IMO but I digress - great figures as usual. Do my eyes deceive me or are your nekked Celts minus an appendage or two? Taking censorship a bit too far - nice shields though!


  8. PC & Doc: Thanks for your views on WAB. I'm comfortable with WAB and I haven't found the "improvements" in 2.0 so drastic or confusing. It's probably because I'd already read over most of the errata available online before I got the main rulebook ;)! Anyway, my local gaming crew who were already into WAB 1.5 (about 6 of us) have no intention of giving it up. We might "borrow" & adapt lists from similar rules coming out (maybe a Samurai list?).

    Doc: As far as the physical appearnce of those Gallic types - it might've been a cold day when the photo was taken ;)!

    Warm Regards, Dean

  9. Congratulations on your purchase and great looking figures! Even without "appendages" :)