Friday, April 29, 2011

Victrix Highlanders - Again + 1

Finished the dicing on the bonnet band as well as the basic pattern of the tartan. Just need to add the black lines through the green stripes - using a Micron pen.
I've decided to go with the 42nd again - adding them to the already completed figures for a larger unit. The guy in the back was used as reference - as well as my earlier tutorial

Just added the black lines using the Pigma Micron 005 pen. Indispensable for this type of work. The trick is to keep moving the pen and not staying in one spot too long. I steadied my hand by finishing a can of Boddingtons first.
I also picked up these pieces of tree moss when we were out walking our dogs earlier this morning. I'm going to try and make some trees out of them. Maybe attach them to some twigs that have the appropriate shape.


  1. Very effective, how are your eyes???

  2. Thanks, Gents!

    Ray: Eyes are fine - only paint for effect; no way could I (or would I) paint actual tartan patterns - just simplified versions.

    Angry: I picked up some Micron 005 pens from a local craft store - it's a fine ink pen that I discovered on someone's tartan tutorial. It goes on really well and perfect for fine lines.

    Regards, Dean

  3. Nice work and thanks for the tip.


  4. Dean that's a really impressive result. I reckon the red over white check you've got on the bonnet band would be even harder to do - yet you've managed detail nearly as fine as your Micro pen - amazing! How good are those little pens? When they become clogged with paint pigment, (as it will!) use a bit of thinners and then draw the ink out on a paper towel to get it going again - old graphic designer's trick!


  5. Superb Dean,
    I don't plan to do a British Naps army for a good while (as everyone else I know has them for our games) but I always fancied doing some Highlanders. If I could finish them half as good as these I would be happy!

  6. Thanks again, Gents.

    Doc: I will definitely try that cleaning technique on my other pen - which did indeed become clogged. Regards, Dean

  7. Good show. Those Microns work great for eyeballs also.

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  9. man these highlanders look awesome the bands are so crisp and perfect love your work