Sunday, April 3, 2011

OG Gaesatae (aka Nekkid Gauls) WIP +1

Finished detailing the shields with LBMS transfers. Painted the spines and metal bosses, as well as the edges of the shields. I'm not sure if these patterns would have been prevalent at Magnesia with the Gallic units there, but they certainly add color to the otherwise naked infantry.
The figures themselves were given a light flesh wash as I thought the Miniwax Tudor stain gave them too stark of an appearance. I'm happy with the results. However, if I were to do this over, I would've given them a wash of Miniwax Bombay Mahogany, or another stain with a more reddish tone.
This was a good experiment with using Miniwax stain. I was quite impressed with the way it flowed into the recesses and crevices. Better than when I've used an acrylic paint wash - which sometimes tends to dry in areas opposite where it should. After finishing these guys (flocking the bases & adding shields), I'll move on the the OG Gallic cav & Scythian mounted archers.


  1. They look very nice. Set up like that they look like a piece of modern art.

  2. Thanks, Paul. Hmmm, now that you mention it - it looks like some kind of artsy poster. Yep, LBMS makes some fine shield transfers. Warm Regards, Dean

  3. Hi Dean, the colour on the minis is much better for the fles wash. Have you tought about liming some of their hair? Shields look fab.


  4. These are looking really nice.