Sunday, April 24, 2011

Victrix Highlanders - Again

Rummaged through the box of left-overs which were used for the 42nd Highlanders awhile back. Came up with enough figures for a small detachment that will be painted up as the 92nd. Since I mainly play Sharp Practice or some other skirmish rules for Napoleonics, the number of figures isn't too critical. Actually these are enough for a so-called group for Sharp Practice. The metal figures are also Victrix - one is a sapper which I didn't use for the 42nd.
I basically got a little bored since I finished all the figures for the Magnesia game next month. I'm just waiting on my buddy with his Roman Republicans for another play test.


  1. Hi Dean - you are a glutton for punishment! Fair warning - tartan will drive you mad! Your reward is that I have nominated you for a blog award - a kinda pay-it-forward chain-mail type thingy. Hope you don't mind but I always like your blog and visit regularly to see what you're up to next - and drool at your fantastic painting work!


  2. Doc:

    Of course I don't mind - it's an honor & I hope the blog lives up it. As far as tartans go - I must've forgotten the whole process. I can't even remember how to do it - I'll need to go back to my previous post for a tutorial! Warm Regards, Dean