Saturday, April 16, 2011

Battle of Soor Playtest - 4/16/11

Participated in a playtest for Wes Rogers' game for Enfilade! today at The Game Matrix. The game is the Battle of Soor in 1745 which took place during the War of Austrian Succession. Dale Mickel also showed up, and he and I ran the Prussians while Wes played the Austrians. We played several turns and after both sides taking many casualties, Wes called the game declaring a close Prussian victory - maybe a Pyrrhic Prussian one at that. We used Wes' own rules, which are always well-designed and translate well to convention games. Here are some photos I managed to take while running the Prussian right flank - which included most of the cavalry and Guard infantry.
All of the figures and terrain are Wes'; the figures are a mixture of Old Glory, Dixon and Crusader.

Now Adrian and I need to do at least one more playtest for our Magnesia game before Enfilade! next month.


  1. Thanks, Gentlemen. I tried to get some photos while still running the Prussian right. Luckily, Wes ran the Austrians solo - so I took the time to snap some pics while he was busy on the left and part of the center with my fellow-Prussian commander. Warm Regards, Dean

  2. Looks like a belter. This was a period I tried to break into a few years back but was frustrated by the fact that every engagement turned into a linear bloodbath. To use picturesque terms-every attempted Leuthen or Rossbach turned into just another Zorndorf. I am tempted to try again using the Fire & Fury conversion that Paul Ireland & myself have been using for AWI, bringing me nicely onto my final query; which set of rules were you using?

  3. Sorry I missed this. Wes always puts on an enjoyable game!