Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old Glory Gaesatae WIP

Decided to try a faster way to paint these guys up using a close flesh-colored spray paint. The paint is called "Sweet Cream" and was found at Michaels. Here's how the figures look with a coat of it.
I also bought a can of Miniwax Tudor stain - this is my second attempt at using a wash like this. Earlier I had used the wrong type of stain - oil based. That mistake was very messy, and put me off for a long time.
I tried to read up on experiences others have had using this particular stain. From what I read, it appeared this was the favorite choice of shade. There was another color that also looked promising - Bombay Mahogany. Now that I've given them a coat of Tudor, it does seem a bit too black. Maybe the Bombay Mahogany might've been a better choice for flesh - since it was a bit redder. I may end up giving the figures another coat of flesh wash - to soften the look. I also think I should've painted the other parts of the figures before adding the wash; like helmets, etc.
Here are the shields which have LBMS transfers added. They were a bit fiddly to apply, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad. I only ended up destroying two transfers - and these were the first couple of ones before I figured them out. In any case, there's no way I could've painted them free-hand.
It's imperative to use a sharp hobby knife to cut out the tiny areas where the transfers need to clear the shield bosses. The only way I can safely add LBMS transfers - as they have adhesives - is to wet the shield surface and also the transfer when applying them. This allows the transfer to be properly positioned before pressing them down - which I use cotton swabs to do.


  1. Excellent stuff but those shields are great looking.

  2. Fantastic shields, thank god for LBMS, I wouldn't fancy painting them !!

  3. Your shields look great. I use the LBMS transfers also and have found if easier to paint the metal bits before putting the shields on. If I'm painting plastic Romans, I'll also leave the shields on the sprue to make them easier to handle.

    Your combination of painting output and superb quality is unmatched.


  4. Hi Dean,

    this seems a good way for a quick paint! I use a thin wash of Games Workshop Brown Ink(after painting all golden, bronze , brown and red parts). Sadly, GW
    discontinued this color but Coat d'arms Brown Ink works fine too.
    The Celtic shields looks great!
    Best wishes

  5. Thanks for the positive comments - I think if I find a good flesh-colored spray paint, the Miniwax stain should be nicer. Either that or use a stain with more of reddish tint would work. I think it was worth the effort - which really wasn't too bad. Warm Regards, Dean