Friday, April 22, 2011

Nuthin' New - Jus' Readin' Thru WAB 2.0

With some "designer" beer I picked up at Trader Joe's. So far, the read through of WAB 2.0 isn't that traumatizing. Having read all of the mostly negative comments for about a year must've cushioned my expectations. Anyway, time to see if the beer is cold enough - my wife said I should try one beer a day. I'm thinking more like one of each per day. We'll see.


  1. boddingtons "the cream of manchester" used to be my tipple, but not touched a beer in 7 years now (and its not made in manchester now) I like WAB 2.0 and think most WAB players find it an improvment
    Peace James

    PS nice looking fidge BTW

  2. I see some diet coke there Dean, are you going soft on us?

  3. One of each per day, you will need more beer.

  4. You've been nominated for a style award

    By the way, I'm partial to the Black Toad brew- very nice selection!

  5. Thanks, Gents! I tried the Boddingtons first - it had a smooth taste. They put something in the can to keep its head, I think.

    I've been drinking the diet stuff for sometime - regular is too sweet and gives me cramps (heheheh!).

    Miles - thanks for that! I also tried the Black Toad - I liked it's thickness. I'm partial to dark brew - thicker the better. Kind of like food.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  6. You should get yourself over to merry England Dean, the selection of locally brewed beers would make your head spin (literally).

  7. Man! I want to play a game at YOUR house!

    Enjoy the brew, and the rules!


  8. Man, we need to get you over to Coeur d'Alene for a game. Are you attending Enfilade this year?

  9. HG: Would love to visit the England - not just for the great brew too!

    Greg: A cold brew and a game would be great!

    Scott: I am pre-registered for Enfilade! Co-hosting a WAB game on Sunday - Magnesia. Hope to get in some Ancient Naval gaming on Saturday - Roman Seas & Man Your Oars. Sounds like a great invite if I can ever make it east (of the Cascades). Warm Regards, Dean

  10. I love the Black Toad. Sadly, the closest Trader Joe's is a bit of a drive for us.

    The Murphy's, on the other hand is one of my favorites. The low alcohol content also means it's easy to drink a few without getting knocked out. ;)

    Hope you enjoy the WAB2 as well!

  11. Okay, I've tried all of the cans already. The Black Toad was the tastiest (I like dark & bitter beer). The second tastiest was the Bitburger (maybe because it was more carbonated?). Boddingtons was okay, but I would've liked a bit more of a bite or bitterness. Murphy's tasted okay too, and the low alcohol is noticeable. Finally, the Horses lager was okay taste-wise, but seemed almost flat. Haven't tried that bottled one yet. Cheers, Dean