Saturday, July 17, 2010

Victrix 42nd Highlanders - Ready to Meet Perry Cuirassiers

Finished the mounted colonel, as well as the colors which were downloaded (or uploaded - whatever, the term is) from - thanks guys! A little bit of contrasting strokes of color were added to the flags to make them appear more lively; trying to be similar to the LBMS style.

Here's the colonel brandishing his broadsword in front of his regiment; and flanked by his color bearers and musicians.
The horse is one that was completed earlier and mounted with an officer that I don't have a regiment painted up yet. So I removed him and replaced him with this Highland officer. I think I erred by painting the piper's kilt in Royal Stuart pattern; seems this may only have appeared a little later - mid-19th Century, perhaps? He'll stay the way he is though, and we'll see what kind of comments we get about him.

Aerial view of the entire unit - at least for now. I may end up adding a few more guys; but it's big enough for a small skirmish game against some Perry French Heavy cavalry.
On the WAB front, the Epirote army, along with those Successor elephants, are packed up for a playtest next week using the 2nd Ed. changes. This will be followed by a game up in Seattle at a first-ever summer one-day event hosted by the Metro Seattle Gamers at their clubhouse. In the paint queue are a box of Perry French Hussars, 24 Foundry Successor Silver Shields, and hopefully some Langton Roman ships.


  1. I'll put money on the Scottish lads in winning any scrap with a few fancy dan French cavalry. They look damn fine figs Dean.
    Cheers Paul

  2. Bought a box of Victrix Highlanders just yesterday after seeing them in action at the local wargaming club!

    Paint job looks fantastic, I only hope my own look something like this when they're finished.

    I see you mentioned Warflags, and I was really pleased when checking their website to find the 30 Regt De ligne one I was after. Although I'll probably need to do some touching up in photoshop before I print it out (looks a bit pixelated in places).

  3. Thanks for the nice comments.


    You know it - especially when the bagpipes are blaring - the French won't have a chance!


    Didn't look at the particular flag you're going to use; but a little touch up will go a long way, and if you curl the flag enough, it's hard to tell in some places too.

    Regards, Dean

  4. Very impressive looking unit. So impressive in fact that I have just ordered a couple of boxes myself.


  5. It's all lovely painting!


  6. What are you using for unit bases on those? It looks like you have several individually based figures on some sort of textured base. Magnetized? or other?

  7. They look exceptional, you should be rightly pleased with your efforts. The more I see of the hard plastic figures the more Im drawn towards moving to 25's/28's/30's (where will it stop?), I have already stuck my toe in the water with the Minden Miniatures 30's syw.

    Well done Dean.


  8. Hello, John; thanks for your interest - here's how I based them - from a Workbench post awhile back -
    Regards, Dean

  9. Dave:

    I am indeed very happy with these Scotsmen. I'm good with 25-28mm; those Minden are very nice, but can't afford to switch now. Regards, Dean

  10. I like the effect. Your post will be the featured item tomorrow on my miniature wargaming blog.