Monday, July 5, 2010

Aventine Successor War Elephants - Completed

Here are some test shots of the two completed Aventine Successor war elephants. It's kind of overcast today, but I used the filter on the camera to let in more light. I might take some more photos if the clouds go away.
As you can tell, it's a tight fit in the 3-man tower. Also, I had to ensure the firing bowman's bow was inside of the tower - don't think you could fire the bow while it is outside (the string would get caught). Anyway, they're good to go. Now I can concentrate on reading up on Roman Seas for a playtest this Thursday.

Some more shots using slightly better lighting - the sun came out a bit.


  1. Lordy lordy lordy! You must be pleased with these Dean? They look alive, the paint job really does catch the light. Don't worry about reading the rules ol boy the opposition wont be able to concentrate once they catch an eyeful of these lil beauties.

  2. I agree with paint pig or pigment porcine - that's a great paint job in a very short time.

    I am very impressed with your skills and eye for details

    Well Done!

  3. Thank you kindly, Gents. Yes, I'm quite relieved they're already done. I have a playtest with them in a couple of weeks, plus the actual game on the 31st. I thought I'd be lucky to have them the day of the actual game. I know it's an oft used term, but these really were a pleasure to paint. I can't compliment Keith and Aventine enough for their superb product and equally superb customer service. Regards, Dean

  4. Dean - they are superb. You've done a really first-class job on them. They are beautifully animated figures and I particularly like the one grabbing the dude with his trunk in anticipation of a stompin'! The use of armour on the Nellie would make them far more formidable. They will also look fantastic on the table - you'll have to post some more photos of your play-test!


  5. Lovely work! They will look great on a battelfield.

    The silver shield is, I believe, Vendel rather than A&A- you got a very nice finish on that. What paint did you use, please? I couldn't get the one I painted recently to look shiny enough.

  6. Thanks, Doc & Simon. And Simon, I stand corrected - those are indeed Vendel shields. I got confused as I had both Vendel & A&A at the same time, both since sold off. Speaking of Vendel; I think Aventine & Vendel are a very close match in size. However, I think Aventine are nicer sculpts - but not so bad they wouldn't be fine next to each other. Regards, Dean

  7. Simon:

    I forgot to add that the Vendel shield was "polished" with some #0000 steel wool and also finished with a cotton swap. Then given a light wash & finally sealed with clear gloss acrylic spray. Regards, Dean

  8. Thanks Dean, that's an interesting approach. I shall give it a go!


  9. Absolutely stunning Dean - who would not be proud (and terrified) to see them take the field!
    Aventine should display these pics (with your permission) on their site. The best I've seen these done anywhere.

  10. Furt:

    Thanks again; in fact, I did send Keith a couple of photos & he posted them on the site. Can't wait to see the Successor supplement that should be coming out - who knows, I may need more elephants. Dean