Thursday, July 15, 2010

Speaking of Kilts

Can you guess who this is?
He actually left Scotland at a very young age. He is one of my all time heroes.

Of course, it is none other than Ronald Belford Scott, aka Bonnie Scott, aka Bon Scott.
As most fans know, he could actually play the bagpipes, and had been a member of the Scots Pipe Band of Fremantle, Australia.

Here's a bootleg video with Bon playing the pipes - sadly, the amateur filmmaker was focused on the audience for most of the short clip. Here's another clip of him goofing with bagpipes, although he is singing live. He made it to the top - unfortunately, he wasn't there long enough. "Shazbut Nanoo Nanoo"


  1. Haaa! Didn't need the second photo any Oz worth his salt new who that was =).
    Saw him twice although the memory is vivid the accuracy, in reality, probably isn't.
    The first and most memorable was in a pub in Melbourne (the band was based in Melbourne for a while) with my cousin who was in the music industry. I was 12 at the time, so wasn't allowed from backstage into the audience proper, age limit etc. It was a life changing night, my ears still ring and I got a pat on the head from Malcolm, which meant I had to learn to play a guitar as soon as possible.
    Actually the ringing ears was probably from seeing the Hells Bells gig and reformed Deep Purple mkII gig in the same month ;-)

  2. Wow - you were touched by a god - I'm sure your playing is inspired. Did you get a Gretch? :)!

  3. Oh how I would love a white Gretch or maybe a flame top Rickenbacker (a "the church" fan too).

    My playing was pedestrian at best. Don't play anymore still have an Ibanez Artist series (and a couple of lesser beasts) and a Marshal 80W valve state. They survive for sentimental reasons only, imagine how many lead pits I could get my hands on if I traded them in, nooooo....

    I think I may have a little something to post that may be of interest re akka dakka.

  4. I'd like to see that; BTW, I added a Country "Flag" Counter after seeing it on you page. Cool. Dean

  5. It was Bon Scott mate, 'Bon' - if you called him 'Bonnie' he probably would have hit you. Bit of a wild man really. Man could he play the pipes. Some of the musos I hung around with as a kid reckoned he could but at the first pub gig I went to see them - it was true - he really could do it - saw an original rendition of him using them for 'Long Way to the Top'. Loved the boys, great rock.


  6. Doc:

    Lucky you for seeing them, in a pub no less. Those small venues are the best to see bands. The band played in Seattle last year, but I was too domesticated to make it. My youngest son, 11 at time, was totally into them. Anyway, I figured the first pic of Bon wasn't so well-known, even to long-time fans, north of the equator. Regards, Dean