Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aventine Seleucid Elephant Project - Completed

Okay, again - less the crew. And it needs to be mounted on its base - which is what I'll do after posting this.
The purple barding matches the shield - an LBMS transfer, of course. However, it still looks a bit empty - being so large.  I'm not adding anything now though - not with a paintbrush anyway.

The guy in the trunk looks pretty good too; I was debating to use this optional piece or the plain one.
Here's a picture of the previously completed elephant with "Silver Shields" attached to the tower. I was waiting to flock the base after the armored one was done - so they had the same treatment.


  1. Well done on this, don't reveal it's a transfer. ;-)

  2. Unbelievable - works of art. I admire how quickly you start and complete projects! You are very focused. This is very inspirational for how I want my own elephants painted.

  3. That is just beautiful work..what a great piece to have on the table top

  4. A wonderful miniature with a stunning paint job. Found the site completely by accident, I have some 15mm war elephants to paint and not being into ancients or the like had no idea where to start. Thank googley gods the search engine pointed me in this direction, dont know if I have the minerals to go ahead with mine now that I've seen this effort!

  5. Wow - that's some great painting and very fast.

    Your elephants look great - I look forward to more photo's of them on the table.


  6. These are really something Dean - beautiful finish on them too. can't wait to see them based up with crew etc. They will really look something on the tabletop. Well done.


  7. Thank you all for your kind comments! Yes, I'm surprised myself that the beasts are done (thankfully). Which is great because they'll both be used in a game later this month. Regards, Dean