Monday, May 31, 2010

Victrix Highlanders - WIP

Started on the box of Victrix Highlanders I bought back in April from Maelstrom Games. Today was the first time I actually took a close look at the contents. I ordered the Flank Company set, and the box and decal sheet is indeed this set. However, the actual parts are very odd and confusing. Some of the arms have only tufts on the shoulders - like center companies, and others have the correct wings for flank companies. In fact, the right and left arms for firing and other positions have one with tufts and one with wings. I sent an email to both Victrix and Maelstrom to see if this was a mistake, but I think this is how they are manufactured.

I had planned to scalpel off the wings of some of them anyway for center company figures. I also had some left over arms from the earlier box of Victrix Peninsular Center Company guys so I just went ahead and put together what I could. I ended up having enough guys at shoulder arms for center company figures and the rest of the more active poses, to include firing, will be used for the flank company guys. I also used four of the Sergeant figures in the set since they have their muskets at shoulder arms too - on the right shoulder. Probably too many NCOs for this small unit, but for Sharp Practice they will not be Big Men anyway - and have muskets to add to the firing dice.
There are a few figures left over, but I won't use them unless I get more shoulder armed parts. I plan to have them based four to a 40mm X 40mm stand. The guys in the front of the photo will be the grenadiers and lights.
For Sharp Practice, I've used a stand of an officer with colors (both regimental and King's) and a musician. This stand is basically attached to a Big Man to relay commands - although they can also fight in Fisticuffs if needed.
Taking a tip from another Victrix figure gamer, I added some Super Glue to the bayonets (near the join to the musket) for extra strength. We'll see if it works or not. These figures are really nice, and the faces and ostrich feathered bonnets are particularly well-sculpted. They'll go on temporary bases for painting next - black primer will be used for the undercoat.


  1. hey are nice looking figures Dean - but you've let yourself in for some painting work! Scots would have to be THE most fiddly (i.e. difficult) of all Napoleonic figures to paint - you'll feel your sanity start to slip about halfway through doing the tartans pattern. Enjoy.

    We'll look forward to your painting WIP pics (or one's of the men in white coats coming to take you away!)


  2. Doc:

    I know what you're saying. I have only painted a few Highlanders before - both Airfix - one a 54mm figure and a box of 1:72nd. The 1:72nd was decades ago when I was a kid and the 54mm one also quite some time ago. I will shoot for effect rather than accuracy (number of actual stripes, etc.). This may be a project that may best be photographed at a distance when done :)! Regards, Dean