Saturday, May 8, 2010

Front Rank Spanish Infantry

Added two more Front Rank Miniatures Spaniards for the Guerrilla unit - now a total of 12. This should be a good-size for this Poorly-rated group. They lose one firing dice per 5 figures.
They are actually from Front Rank's Spanish Infantry range - and not actually Guerrillas. The one in the green jacket is a model belonging to the Catalonian Light Regiment; the blue-jacketed one is a regular infantry man in top-hat. I painted his cuffs in a light infantry style. It appears that many Guerrillas often times wore issued clothing mixed with civilian attire.

Here's an out-of-doors shot of all 12 Front Rank figures for the Guerrillas group; they're forming up in front of the  Old Glory Spanish-Style Church and Bell Tower.


  1. Very impressive work - it must be fun to paint the guerillas as there aren't a lot of uniform plates to constrict your creativity

    I'll be returning to 28mm naps in a few months

  2. Thanks! I tried to keep the colors to basic shades - and a good amount of dark brown shades. I was lucky to have a couple of references for the Catalonian Light guy - one in "Military Uniforms of the World in Color" by Preben Kannik - a nice source; and one on this online source Also, Rafa (Project Leipzig blogger) provided me some great info too. Dean

    P.S. I'm sort of returning to WAB right now - I'm reviewing the AtG supplement for a game at Enfilade - special rules on cav wedge and phalanxes. :)!

  3. Great stuff I have just finished painting six Spanish Light Infantry from Front Rank and I must sa that I like your work better then my own.

  4. Thank you gentlemen; Vinnie, ah, I'm embarrassed by you saying that - your stuff is always impressive; and I only painted that one guy, so spent more time on it than if I had to paint up a unit. Regards, Dean

  5. Your painting is brilliant - beautiful stuff.

  6. Its just not right that a guy in such a natty Tarleton helmet should be rated so poorly!

    Great painting as always Dean.


  7. That's a fine looking group of miniatures - another great job Dean!