Sunday, May 30, 2010

Battle of Heraclea @ Enfilade! 2010

Adrian and I managed to pull off our Battle of Heraclea game this morning at Enfilade! 2010. This even though we never had the time to playtest it - we've played enough games together (WAB and others) that we knew what we had to do - almost instinctively. Oh, and Adrian is a veteran WAB-gamer too - so that helped a lot. And I'm pretty comfortable with the rules too (at least version 1.5), as well as my Macedonian/Epirote army. Our armies were both about 3,000 points; decent sized for the four players (two-per side). Three of the four players are gaming buddies of ours and the other player was familiar with WAB. It was actually a fun game and I had to restrain myself at times to show how much I favored the Greeks. Well, Adrian admitted he was rooting for his Romans as well.

I managed to snap some photos and have captioned them as best as I could recall.

We agreed to call it at the end of Turn 5 - and it was decided to be a very close victory for the Epirotes - even Pyrrhic. The Romans could well have recovered if they successfully rallied, but even then, it would've taken at least a turn or two for a clear victory on either side.

All in all, I had a great time at Enfilade! 2010. The players from both the Sharp Practice game I hosted on Friday and today's WAB game were all seemingly happy. Myself, I'm even more convinced that I like both game systems and don't plan on dumping either anytime soon - if ever.


  1. Even as one of the Roman players, I had a great time! :)

    I see we used the same Wikipedia link for the background on Heraclea!

    Thanks for hosting a memorable game!


  2. Ted:

    It was great seeing you finally getting a chance to play - and a WAB game at that! I hope you will want to play more WAB games with us when you can - you can play the Greeks next time too. Thanks again, Dean