Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reaper Hercules

I've had this guy for sometime now, but never had the motivation to paint him until now. Actually it's not so much motivation, but just something to do while waiting for this weekend's convention down in Olympia - Enfilade!
He's on the big side, a little over 35mm to the top of his head. The sculpting is superb with intricate details like the patterned hem of the tunic and fancy greave. The lion's head is also very nicely detailed.
I'll probably not get to the other mythological figures after Enfilade! - I may start on the Victrix Highlanders or Perry Hussars. This guy, like the Pan figure, was a quickie project. At least they're now painted - although I do need to finish Herk's base.


  1. What a great looking miniature and painted beautifully. Keep going and you could field a unit of gods.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I hope to do up more mythological tough guys. I see Chiltern has a Thor figure now. Dean

  3. Fantastic fantasy painting my friend! I really like him - make a fair decent giant too (if you can't marshal enough gods that is). I've got an LOTR cave troll on my blog somewhere and had a ball painting him.

    Love doing really big figures that are characters - you can really go to town painting them up - and its a nice break from Napoleonics etc. Great work Dean.


  4. Thanks Doc. I agree - it's a great break from painting "regular" figures. I'll be perusing the Crocodile Games and Reaper for more of these types of figures. Warm regards, Dean

  5. Dean, your figures are museum quality pieces!