Saturday, May 15, 2010

Old Glory Cretan Archers - Completed

Managed to finish these guys - in between cleaning the pond filter and organizing the garage. Luckily, the sun doesn't go down until about 9:30pm, so the daylight really helps keep me going. Anyway, here they are:
Some Baccus 6mm Macedonian Star decals are used on the small shields. These stars were also used on some Crusader Thureophoroi shields.The shields left mostly plain bronze may make them look more "mercenary."

Here is a comparison shot of most of the makes in the Epirote Army:
The camera angle doesn't help, but I have to admit the Old Glory hands and arms appear quite over-sized. However, this won't really be a problem as they'll be running around by themselves as skirmishers.

A box of Perry French Hussars arrived in the mail today too. These were ordered (actually pre-ordered) from Maelstrom Games in the UK. What can I say, these look simply marvelous. Even if they are kit form, the pieces are minimal and the options are many - several headgear options, as well as campaign trousers or breeches and hessian boots - oh and the pelisses are separate too.

Here are all the sprue trees - besides the one with bases.
Also included is a beautiful illustration sheet of not only all the French regiments, but also the Prussian Death's Head Hussars and Hussar-guides d'Augereau. I think you could even get away with doing up early Chasseur  a cheval too - leaving off the pelisse. Note - this is the reverse of the first side - starting with 7th Hussars.
Looking forward to painting these up sometime after Enfilade - oh and not to forget the box of Victrix Highlanders too.


  1. I do like the archers; bags of character!

  2. The archers look fantastic. While not painted or even built yet the Hussars look to be even better than the French Heavy Cav - thanks for taking the time to show the sprues and all the part options.

    I will have to order a few boxes of those gentlemen.

  3. A nice little bunch of sharp shooters errr archers you have there.;-) Well done.


  4. Thank you all, Gentlemen. Regards, Dean