Saturday, March 13, 2010

Victrix Cacadores and OG Boxer Reb. Japanese Infantry Completed

All the foot figures for the two upcoming Enfilade games are completed - the Victrix Cacadores for Sharp Practice and OG Japanese Infantry for TSATF Boxer Rebellion.

The Victrix Cacadores are the new metals sculpted by Paul Hicks. These are beautifully sculpted with amazing detail - like the hunting horn emblems on the ammo pouches and shakos. The shakos clearly bear the numeral 6, for the 6th Battalion. The packs of Cacadore with rifles and muskets were mixed together and some painted as the 6th with yellow facings and others with light blue facings for the 4th Battalion.
The ones with rifles have powder horns, a small pouch on the belt, sword bayonet, and unbloused trousers.The ones with muskets have bayonets, backpacks with rolled greatcoats, and gaiters.
The are a perfect match with the metal Perry Riflemen - in both style and size. I had actually expected this from the earlier Victrix metals Mr. Hicks sculpted. In fact, the Cacadores will be intergrated with the British Rifles for the Sharp Practice game - the guys with muskets will pretend to have rifles for that game.
The OG Japanese Infantry from the Boxer Rising range are also completed. These will be used in a Boxer Rebellion game using The Sword and The Flame rules. In fact, the first playtest is next Saturday. If I'm not burnt out from that game, I'll hold my first Sharp Practice playtest afterwards - or maybe the following Saturday.
These guys are painted as regular line infantry with yellow facings. The flag is from the superb  site.
These are Imperial Guard infantry with red facings. I think the line guys look nicer with yellow facings.
The whole gang with the poor line troops leading the charge. I used a new (for me) flocking technique; primarily to save time. Brown paint was slopped on the base and then dipped into a mixture of sand, green flock, and dried coffee grounds. It seems to work okay, and save a couple of steps I normally use.


  1. Great work on the Japanese. Spectacular.

  2. Thanks! I will start on the cavalry tomorrow. Regards, Dean

  3. nice stuff all round, the cacadores really grabbed me when I first saw them, now I've seen them painted I'm even keener.

  4. I really like those cacadores - well done, sir!

  5. Great stuff Dean! Your Cacadores are superb - the Boxer Rebellion Japanese have also come out well - they look like they'd also go well for the Russo-Japanese war of 1905 which is a very interesting one to fight.