Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Did The Stupidest Thing

Last month I scored some pre-painted terrain pieces off of TMP; or at least I should've. For some reason (probably because I did it way past my bedtime), I provided the seller the wrong address, one number off. I forgot all about the transaction due to all the other stuff I had ordered and was waiting for - the Perry Rifles,  Front Rank Spaniards,Victrix Cacadores, and War Zone terrain. In fact, the pieces were going to be perfect for the Sharp Practice game. I finally remembered about it last week - the seller had even sent me the UPS tracking number - when I plugged it in, it said it was left on the "porch" on 2/26/10. The city was listed, but no the address, so I finally checked the address I provided and found out it was in error. The house is actually right across the street on the cul de sac I live on. Only thing is this house is the only one with new folks living there that I had never seen - everyone else on the cul de sac knows me and would've brought the package over. Last evening after I got home from work I waited until I saw a car in the driveway - I rang the bell and no one came to the door. A little later I looked across the street and the car was gone. Today I saw another car in the driveway and went up and rang the bell, two really hefty kids came to the door with shaved heads and pierced lip rings. I asked them if they had received a package about a month ago and of course they said no. I screwed up by not asking to talk to their parents - who were nowhere in sight. Anyway, it's been over about month and even if they did get it, they probably threw it away. They didn't appear to be gamers. I actually gave them a letter that was misdelivered to my box the other day and had used it as the excuse to go over. Bottom line - this is what I feel like


  1. Based on your description, I think it's an open question as to who the Jack-ass is.

    I think we've all had some times when our mental wiring was out of whack. Last year while sailing I can remember dropping the anchor in about 20' of water and watching the chain & line play out and out and out and then oops go completely overboard - it was a new anchor and I had forgotten to attach the line to the boat.

    I am really enjoying your Boxer Rebellion posts

  2. Thanks for the camaraderie - sorry about the anchor. I suppose things like this can happen to anyone every once in awhile. I will definitely not be sending email with pertinent info when I can just as well sleep on it and send the email the next day. :)! Best wishes, Dean

    P.S. I'm hosting the first Sharp Practice playtest this Saturday. Hope it goes well enough and will post an AAR.

  3. Looks like the 'hood is going down....
    Done stupider things myself.
    Wouldn't leaving a packet on the porch be negligent, irrespective of whether the adress was correct, and thus enable you to claim at least something from UPS?
    Usually you have to sign for delivery. And then the delivery person could have found out that the packet was miss-adressed, returned it to sender etc. etc. (in an ideal world of course, but that's what a lawyer might say.)

    Sorry about the rather terse comment on the "Creosot" gun, typing on a phone encourages brevity.

  4. Thanks for the sentiments. And I didn't take your previous post about the gun as anything other than very helpful. I've actually been reading up a little on the Creusot gunworks and their world-famous 100-ton hammer. :)! Dean

    P.S. I do agree that leaving packages on doorsteps isn't the best service nowadays. I think this should've gone away when folks started locking their doors.