Saturday, March 6, 2010

Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas

nFront Rank Spanish guerrillas for Sharp Practice. These guys will be rated as Poor for the initial playtest. They will appear on the Blank card anywhere on the table up to 12'' from the nearest enemy (French).
These are lively sculpts, with a lot of nice details, like the hairnets and pistols carried by some. They look fine along with the Victrix and Perry plastics they will be used with and against.

I ended up ordering the Victrix metal Cacadores direct from the UK - they were shipped last week - so hopefully will arrive soon. I've decided to limit the total number of the combined Rifles and Cacadore groups to 12-men. If needed, this number can be reduced or increased - depending on how they work out in the playtests.


  1. Oh my goodness they are lovely, very nice. I do like the way you have painted the cloaks.

  2. I have to admit, I don't really like the Front Rank sculpts but you've done an amazing job on them! Especially the cloaks.


  3. Thanks guys. I almost had a "time-warp" of sorts on the cloaks. I thought I was doing some Thracian Peltasts :)! Dean

  4. Very nice work - I really like the capes and the details you painted on the backs

  5. Dean - these are superb. They are some of the better (as in more animated) FR figures and you have really made them come to life with your presentation - the usual great paint and basing. Love the blanket/cloak/poncho detail - very authentic!


  6. Doc:

    Thanks for your kind words - they will soon be put into action for a playtest game next weekend. I'll be sure to post an AAR. Regards, Dean