Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Glory Boxer Rebellion Japanese Artillery

The crew are from OG's "Boxer Rising" range, and the guns are from their "Boer War" range - listed as "75mm Creoson Gun" on this OG site and "75mm Creosot Gun" on this OG site I can't seem to find info on the web using either names for the search. I ordered it because of the picture of it in the first site - being used with the Japanese from the Boxer Rising range - I was told by OG (Teresa) that's the gun for the crew. I'm not even sure of the colors - due to my failed web search. I just gave it a light blue-grey finish. Figured that's how some German guns were painted at the time - and the Japanese sort of following their lead after the Franco-Prussian War.
Only four crewmen are assigned to each gun per TSATF rules (at least what I was told). I may add a couple more when I use "The Great War" rules.  All the figures for the Boxer Rebellion game are completed; I can now concentrate more on my Sharp Practice game - the first playtest is this Saturday (March 27). Hopefully it comes off well and I will post an AAR.

UPDATE: Thanks to the comment by JKM and link provided - the cannon is actually called a Creusot, neither of the spellings used on the two OG sites above.  Just to show my ignorance again, here's another link which has the short answer of the Burgundian town of Le Creusot which gave its name to the cannon. It apparently has the natural resources to  have produced tons of cannon, armor, and now cooking pots. Hey, I'm a uniforms guy, not a weapons guy. My apologies to the fine armorers and artisans of Le Creusot. At least I knew the carriage is upside down in this picture.


  1. Le Creusot. Go here. http://samilitaryhistory.org/vol022dh.html

  2. Thank you, Sir! I knew my subtle cry for assistance would be answered by an astute historical gamer. Funny, I search using "Boer War artillery" too - okay, okay no more excuses; back to perusing that site. Thanks again, Dean