Sunday, March 7, 2010

OG Boxer Rebellion Japanese Contingent WIP

A WIP photo of a project I just started today. These are Old Glory Japanese infantry from their Boxer Rebellion range. Initially, these were going to be used for a Russo-Japanese War skirmish game using Warhammer Historical's "The Great War" rules. However, it was a back-burner project with really no one else I knew who was interested. This changed the other week when a fellow NHMGS member posted a call on the NHMGS Yahoo group for volunteers for a Boxer Rebellion game at Enfilade. The GM stated there were enough Chinese Boxers, but anyone who wanted to throw in a National contingent was welcomed. This was all the incentive I needed. The game will use The Sword and The Flame rules - a local favorite, but one which I've yet to try. Actually, the uniform is pretty much identical to the one worn in the RJW - at least in the first part of that war; before the khaki uniform was introduced.

These figures are typical OG, some head turning, but with some surprising detail. For instance, the star on the caps are actually pretty well-sculpted. A lot of them look like the guy who played Admiral Nagumo in the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora" - whoever the sculptor was made a good effort.
From what I gathered for TSATF, the typical infantry unit is 10-figures, but since the OG packs come with 30, I split them into two units of 15. (ADDENDUM: found out from Greg's comment that 20 is the norm for infantry). I'll drop what can't be used at the convention. There were two command sets in this pack - two each, officers, standard bearers, and buglers. The front two ranks are painted as regular line infantry with yellow facings (except for the red shoulder straps in infantry branch red). The guys in the rear two ranks will be painted as Imperial Guardsmen with red facings. I still have to give the white leggings a wash - but it is a striking look against the dark blue uniforms.
Here's a nice period print of the Japanese Army circa 1900 that I found in cyberspace.

I also have a pack of cavalry - also pretty nice; and two cannon with artillery crewmen. The cavalry will look really cool in red pants with green stripes. The Japanese army at the turn of the last century totally jumped on the European military pomp band-wagon - so to speak. Plan A is for two 10-man infantry units, one 10-man cav unit, and an artillery unit for the game. Plane B would be three 10-man infantry units and one 10-man cav unit.


  1. Those are some very nice miniatures. My club recently played a "the Sword and the Flame" game pitting the French Foreign Legion against an Arab revolt. It was a very fun game and a nice diversion from the precise geometry of Napoleonics.

    I like the sculpting style of the OG Japanese - nice definition with a little "pulp" which looks appropriate for the period.

    Good luck getting prepared for Enfilade.

  2. Actually, the "basic" unit in TSATF is 20 miniatures: 18 rankers, 1 NCO and 1 officer.

    However, 10 or 15 would work just as well, as long as you are organising your forces the same way for both sides.

    Great job on the Japanese!


  3. Thanks guys.

    Greg: Now that you mention it, I do recall seeing that 20-man unit number. The GM said to just bring whatever I had and we'll figure it out from there. I'm really looking forward to the game. I've heard great things about TSATF. Regards, Dean

  4. Very nice little discussion and pics of a period I'm not all that familiar with... Interesting though, I am sure the Japan-China tensions are due at least in a little part to this period as well as later/earlier periods!

    Good stuff!

  5. Neldoreth:

    Thanks for your comments! This period and region does have some interesting little events. Early on, the newly-created Imperial Japanese army sent a punitive expediton to Taiwan in response to the beheading of some Japanese merchantmen. There is also a reference to frustrated Japanese officers donning family heirloom samurai armor and attacking the defending Russians at Port Arthur during the RJW. Another game you can use samurai! :)! Dean